Ladies, Rally – Mansplaining the #lavscam Scandal is Just Not 2019

A leader who believes his own lies is pathological and morally corrupt. A leader who bullies demotes mansplains and dismisses strong women members of his inner circle, and of other female backbenchers is not qualified to lead his party.

The “erosion of trust” was that of Canadians and Jody Wilson-Raybould in their leader and the Canadian government, not one between JWR and Trudeau. Trudeau, removed from reality and unable to properly self-reflect on his deficiencies in character does not understand the concept of trust and certainly does not practice it. 

Resignation is the only decent route to take. When a leader has lost the confidence of his country, an immediate election is paramount to allow our parliamentary democracy to work as intended. 

The key to this scandal is that the former attorney general was dead right SNC-Lavalin did not qualify for a Deferred Prosecution Agreement. Under the law, as it reads, the mandatory considerations set out in the legislation clearly show an intention to incentivize self-reporting and promote proactive compliance efforts, which are also features of DPA regimes used in several other jurisdictions. The history of a corporation’s illegal activities also comes into play here.

In no way, even in a lay man’s analysis does SNC qualify. This was a matter that is before the courts, so no self-reporting has occurred. A company known internationally to bend the rules, as per the World Bank’s report that out of 117 companies barred from their lending 115 are SNC and affiliates do not qualify under historical contemplation.

Once realizing the grave error in sneaking legislation that did not qualify their preferred benefactor of the changes, the Liberal party undoubtedly set upon a course to pressure JWR into making an exception for SNC. She refused to break the law.

Allowing SNC off the hook is not within the realms of public interest.  If it was 9,000 jobs pales in comparison to the 100,000 plus jobs lost in Western Canada. No, it is convenient and good timing for the Liberals to cite jobs and public interest as they are up for an election and achieving power is key to winning over Quebec seats. It is only in the partisan interests of the Liberal Party, and of their bed friends SNC and Saudi Arabia.  Who knew ethics had a grey area?

When the Liberals snuck the clause into the oniums budget bill at the political lobbying pressure of SNC they made a crucial mistake and wrote the law in such a way that under no conditions would a Deferred Prosecution Agreement apply – under the law.  

You see, under the law, they so impetuously snuck in SNC does not qualify. Protecting a corporation will such a dirty history is not in the public interest, and it certainly is not Canadian. A quick read of the law is that it was to encourage self-reporting of corporate wrongdoings – well, SNC-Lavalin does not qualify under these conditions.

The SNC scandal is not about jobs, it is about protecting Liberal interests, and foreign interests at the expense of Canadians.   This loss of jobs is a Quebec thing, created by the Liberals to gain support in an upcoming election. It is not a Canadian problem.

Butts’ resignation was in anticipation of protecting his long-term friend. All political spin. The Liberals blocked every opportunity for full disclosure.  Motion to have Butt testify under oath – blocked. Motion to have Butts turn over emails and texts he referred to as ‘evidence’ – blocked. Motion to have Jody return to rebut Butts’ statements – blocked.

And all Butts referred to was jobs, jobs, jobs.  He clearly knows as do all senior members of the caucus and the Prime Minister know that this conversation is not part of the real reason as the law in a place completely disqualifies SNC from a DPA.

Along with Trudeau should be the resignation of Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick whose conflicting statements should strong partisan leanings.  Remember this is the man in the top seat who will decide on election integrity issues. Oh my. 

This whole play out of blocking motions, having Butts quit then make a statement yet not taking the oath nor requested to supply evidence clearly shows motivation for the desire to control the narrative in Quebec through the paid media propaganda.

Given that SNC is bound to stay headquartered in Quebec until 2024, there is no immediate risk to jobs. There are many well run and reputable construction companies well-positioned to walk in and take over SNC. Ellis Don for one. Would it not be in the best interest of jobs and Canadians to allow this to happen with market forces rather than pander to political lobbyists and partisan cronies?

The Liberal spin started to take place early on and had it not been for the former attorney general speaking her truth Canadians would be in the dark. The Liberal Party wanted to set up Jody to be the fall person for the decision, and when she would not play by the old boy rules, she was later demoted.

Been there, seen that. The old boy rules are well entrenched in Trudeau and his party. It took a strong woman to out them. It will take the force of strong Canadian women to reject this hypocritical dialogue and turn away. 

Telling that on the eve of International Women’s Day Trudeau has a press conference and states that the former attorney general just “saw things differently”.  We have heard that JWR must have misunderstood, she must have been under the influence of her father or could not handle the stress of the job. Yet the kicker is she saw it differently than anyone else who is fine with muzzling her and continuing to speak on her behalf.

Ladies, rally. This is a sexist who positioned himself to be the good guy with promises of equality and diversity. It is a load of horse manure.  There is nothing more sexist than a man who claims to promote women and equality publicly yet behind closed doors shows absolutely no respect for the person she is, the education she has earned and the public reputation she holds due to her community service.

As Canadians, we must be vigilant in protecting Canada’s interests. SNC has very indebted ties to the Saudi regime. Saudi is exempt from paying a carbon tax. Alberta’s job loss is about 100,000 and mounting, yet the Liberal government has done everything politically and fiscally to shut down the energy sector in the West. They oppose the Quebec pipeline.

See a pattern here? If the West’s energy sector shuts down, and the Quebec pipeline not built Canada becomes dependent on Saudi oil.  SNC is in bed with the Saudis and the Liberal Party is the conduit to do it. Bet a dollar if we followed the money Canadians would get the real motivation for this cover-up.

By deflecting Canadians on the issue of problems within the Liberal Party, they are creating a smokescreen to protect elite interests.

And what response does Guelph get from Longfield on his insights into the largest scandal in the Canadian government in the last 40 years? Nothing. Like his leader, today he finally updated his page to announce a Climate Action Initiative.  Wow, right out of the Liberal playbook.

Well, at least we can draw comfort knowing what to expect of Longfield going into the October election. More of the same is nothing but unicorns, butterballs, and glitter. Is he that removed from his constituents that he does not know the public will not buy this message?

Longfield is one of 200 first time backbenchers sitting in the House of Commons. Key to partisan support is their personal agenda to qualify for that lucrative government pension.

A second term for Longfield supports only one Guelph resident, which is Longfield. If Guelph gives him and the Liberal party to boot come Fall, he loses the opportunity to collect a pension.

Is this not what his silence is all about, really?


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