John’s Entitlement Embodies the ‘Poverty Industry’ – We Need to Advocate Change

Paid protester John Clarke of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) is retiring. Amazed someone can be so brazen and entitled.

Controversial paid protester John Clarke is retiring and wants people to fund his retirement. He launched an online fundraiser asking for contributions so that he and his partner, Emily have enough to live on.  To date he has raised $18,795 of his $25,000 goal, reduced from the original plea of $75,000.

Really, John? Someone who was active in the poverty industry on the front lines did not see a pressing need to have accountability for his own life and future and save for retirement? Life is about choices. Claiming victimhood that you devoted your life to others, at only meager hourly pay and have no pension? Your life. Your choices. Your responsibility.

It is incredulous that one man can embody what is wrong with the poverty industry and those who are employed through it, whether paid with union money or through grants and donations.  Co-dependency, entitlement, and victimhood glorified and encouraged by those very people spending lifetimes encouraging these mindsets, rather than lifting others up from poverty.

In a snapshot, we must address this dialogue to end poverty. The protests and contempt displayed towards the Ford government for changes to Ontario Works (OW), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), and Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) are about empowerment, and personal accountability – not changes that are a detriment to those who wish to contribute to society and live a workable and productive life.

A social service net is for those most vulnerable. It is not, nor should be a means to fully support oneself yet a tool to use to become productive. There is always a way to work around life’s challenges and roadblocks. Sad to say, yet the ‘system’ has been sending a message far too long that it is ok to sit back and let others take care of what a person is fully accountable. This is one of the reasons socialists are touting Basic Income.

A hand up is better than a hand out. Sad that those in the business of poverty who make their own bread and butter supporting those living in these conditions show an example to what not to do and continue the dialogue that only serves to allow poverty to flourish.

Poverty will always exist until politicians, poverty workers and protesters stop enabling and show a model life of accountability and responsibility, to raise people up and not keep them where they meet them.

This attitude only serves the organizers, politicians, and the social services industries. It does nothing to support the ones they should be helping.


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