Ignore Canadians? Say Goodbye in 2019, Trudeau

Nationwide opposition to signing to the UN migrant compact, Trudeau went ahead. The ripple effect on Canadian sovereignty and culture is unknown yet it is a troubling development given that Trudeau holds a majority government and well positioned to put into play legislation to adhere to the UN agenda.

This opposition is not coming from the far right or right. It is not racist. Trudeau ratified it, without public debate. This agenda was not part of the platform that the Liberal Party ran on. What a curve ball. (another one) He does not want open and honest consultations and discussions about the affects this could have and will have on our democracy, on Canadian sovereignty.

The opposition is simple. It is Canadians worried about the social impact to their culture. It is Canadians worried about giving up our sovereignty. The compact is a clear attempt of globalists to control sovereign nations, the conversation, the dialogue, and the outcome.

Trudeau has once again plowed ahead with his party’s agenda despite national opposition to the UN compact, and on the eve of his beloved carbon tax looming January 2019. This blatant disregard for the people elected to serve is a dark moment and given that the Emergencies Act allows for a majority government to take away our civil liberties, this is a dark scary time.

The Emergencies Act replaced the War Measures Act. It has a Charter test and there must be parliamentary discussion. Whether the Emergencies Act comes into play is another unknown, yet Trudeau has shown continuously he has disregard for dissenters. His actions show he does not care what Canadians feel or think. I would not put it past his government to put this into play.

Mainstream media is downplaying the opposition the UN compact has throughout the Western World. The US opted out. Austria, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Latvia, and even neutral Switzerland have all backed out of the compact. So much for an alt-right opposition. Latvia held a public debate. The way a democracy should work.

Outside of Europe, Australia, Israel, and Japan backed out of the deal. Some are populist and nationalist governments, yet the common thread in the dissent is the majority are refugee-receiving countries who rejected the compact. In Canada, conservatives Andrew Scheer and PPC leader Maxime Bernier reject the compact.

Those opposed feel it will surrender their sovereignty, and it does. An unelected body such as the United Nations should not have a say in our borders, and most certainly in our national media. Six times the document goes into minute detail how the UN will dictate and control the conversation to and through the media – with references to making the discussion of migration controlled, and in fact opposition punished.

Look at it this way. Migration is not just about migration. It flows into many areas that media cover and citizens have a right to hear about. It affects migration, social services, housing, homelessness, food shortages, education, political opposition, or support. It could change our parliamentary system over time. It reaches to every part of our lives. This document is not about migration solely yet a globalist document to socially engineer sovereign nations.

The document calls for de-funding of media outlets that promote xenophobia, racism, and intolerance towards migrants. It says, “stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants” Question – who guides this discussion and determines if a media outlet is doing this or just informing the public? How can a media outlet be independent when watched, “educated”, and punished by an international watchdog?

Add the $600 million-dollar gift to mainstream media to the mix, and Canada has a situation where although journalistic standard and conduct will hopefully remain, yet it grows distrust of media and group think dialogue. This UN compact in fact sets the stage for the Prime Minister’s office to control the dialogue. Remember Orwell’s 1984?

Canadians do not want open borders. They want legal immigration. The compact is non-binding yet sets the tone for Trudeau’s majority government to codify UN directives into Canadian law. Given the distrust Canadians have for this current government, the opposition will only grow.

Immigration in Canada has always been positive and welcome as it adds to our strength as a country both economically and culturally. At risk are these immigrants and refugees already in Canada if the tone of the Canadian population changes.

2019 can not come soon enough. The 2019 election will be a value based one where Canadians look at their options and will cast a vote where their values lie. The electorate will evaluate the actions of the Trudeau government from a Canadian value set quite apart from partisan colors.

We will vote for the sovereignty and respect to support Canadian values, and to have leaders in Parliament that respect the parliamentary system and the values of those they serve.

Did we found and grow Canada to become what Trudeau and his party sees as the future for Canada?

No, we did not.

2019. Vote with values.



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