Hurricane Hazel Special Advisor to Ontario Government

No doubt one of the best moves for the Ford government appointing popular Hurricane Hazel in just under $150,000 per year. The value her discerning judgment will bring Ontario pales in comparison to the cost to taxpayers.

With the challenges Ontario has before them to bring the province back on its feet and position itself to be a province once again enviable for business to invest in this move is right on point.

Well done.

News Release below.

TORONTO — Premier Doug Ford and Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, are pleased to announce the appointment of Hazel McCallion, former mayor of Mississauga, as special advisor to the Premier and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

McCallion brings many decades of public service, public advocacy and, most importantly, public representation that will enable her to provide advice to the Premier and the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing on a range of municipal issues.

McCallion, who was mayor of Mississauga from 1978 – 2014, saw the city grow to become the sixth largest municipality in Canada. She will receive a maximum of $150,000 a year.

“Housing is one of our government’s top priorities and I’m looking forward to having Hazel McCallion support our work on the Housing Supply Action Plan,” said Clark. “This advice, combined with the input we’re receiving through the government’s housing supply consultation, will help ensure that the people of Ontario have access to the right kind of housing in the right place.”


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