How To Make Yourself a Priority ~ Sabrina Martelli

In a time where people are all busy, either in career, family or otherwise, it can often become difficult to focus on one’s personal needs.  All too readily we put others’ people’s wants and needs before our own and we do not see ourselves as the priority.  Clients of Healing Path Counselling Services have expressed the difficulties with creating balance in life and the very familiar pattern of placing their individual needs at the bottom of the ladder.  This then can create frustration, ill feelings towards other individuals and an overall sense of unhappiness.

Here are some tips in helping you to see yourself as a priority:

Self-awareness takes courage and bravery to look within oneself. The first step to making yourself a priority is to understand the underlying reasons why you don’t.

• Are you too busy?

• Do everyone else’s needs come first?

• Do you have to make sure you get your full to-do list checked off before you can relax?

• Is there an underlying emotion that comes up at the idea of self-care such as guilt or selfishness?

Once you understand why you’re not making yourself a priority, you can work with it. Next time you really need some rest, self-care, or alone time, simply notice the thought or feeling coming up.  Notice the way it feels in your body and simply be with this feeling as you gently let go of the story you’re telling yourself in your head. Stay with it and notice as it dissipates.

Create some non-negotiable rituals. Rituals help us to stay grounded, balanced, and calm in an ever-changing and busy world. If you feel rundown, or stress is starting to affect you physically, pull back and assess. Are you putting yourself first? Are you building strength or avoiding pain? What’s one thing you can do today to take better care of yourself?

The key with ritual is to start simply and slowly add on.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Learning to embrace simplicity (an ongoing process) can transform your health, finances, relationship, and work.  Simplifying isn’t always the easy choice, because things build up in life and get complicated. However, simplifying how you spend your time, how you spend your money, your to-do list, streamlining what you can, and how you focus your energy, will have great benefits.

We’re surrounded by the message “you can have it all!” but what does that actually mean? Every time you say yes to something you’re automatically saying no to something else. Instead, understand the season of your life and what is most important to you right now.

Simplifying means having more time for those things… including yourself.  You deserve it.  Take care of yourself because the world needs you.

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