Happy Monday Everyone!

Happy Monday Everyone!

This week’s theme in the #Last90Days challenge is all about HEALTH!!!! You all know that I have been a huge proponent of looking after yourself first and foremost and if this is your first time reading one of my blogs – you’re about to learn just how much I feel that your health is paramount!

So let’s talk about this notion of health – what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you have some weight to lose? Are there some habits that you partake in that aren’t “good” choices?  Do you have an addiction? Or more than one? Maybe you are struggling with your mental health? Are you questioning your spirituality or faith? Do you get enough sleep? The list of questions could go on and on but I hope that I’m painting the picture that your HEALTH encompasses your entire being! If you are not well in one (or more than one)of the pieces of you – you cannot be the potential that you so deserve!

For those of you who don’t know me – the person you are seeing today is very different from the person I was at the start of 2018 – and I will continue to evolve, and learn, and grow, and change. I’ve gone on my own health journey and have lost 45 lbs and still counting!

Within this, I’ve also had to focus on my mental and spiritual health.

How have I done this? Or any other person that has made significant and lasting changes? You need to recognize and BELIEVE that you are important. You need to identify your “WHY” or reasons for change. You need to develop a plan, with realistic and manageable mini-goals, in order to reach your end desire.  You need to do all of this in a way that works for you – not what other people may say or think or tell you to do.  A lot of the work I do with clients focuses on the expectations they may have of themselves that has been manifested because of their belief of what other people may think, do or judge. Put that away – just LET IT GO (insert Elsa singing)!

What are some things that you can do right now (if you’re not already doing it)??

  1. Eat a healthy diet for the right reasons
  2. Learn ways to better manage stress and negativity in your life
  3. Make sleep a priority
  4. Find a fitness habit that works for you
  5. Watch what you put into your body

The bottom line folks is this – if your health fails it can and WILL overshadow everything else that is going on in your life.  As individuals with distinct goals, we each interpret success differently. But, no matter who you are, what your goal is and how you define success, one thing holds true: a healthy body, mind and spirit is essential if you want to lead a truly successful life.


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