Guelph Family Martial Arts Wins Four Canadian Titles


Guelph Family Martial Arts Competition Team traveled to the Ontario Open Nationals Martial Arts Championships in Mississauga, Ontario

  The event drew top competitors throughout the country and into the United States. Bringing 4x Canadian Titles and 9 Top Three Finishes back to Guelph. The Team had: 4 1st Place Finishes4 2nD Place Finishes1 3rd Place Finish  The team is coached by the Master Nathan Skoufis and Master Sophie Skoufis, the area’s most well-known instructors and multiple-time world champions and owners of Guelph Family Martial Arts and Guelph Fitness Kickboxing. Master Nathan Skoufis is a multiple-time champion at the Ontario Open.  Head Instructor and Team Coach Nathan Skoufis said”They all did an amazing job being able to perform under pressure. I believe that tournaments teach important lessons including perseverance to be able to overcome obstacles and being able to perform under great deals of stress and pressure. Tournaments are about goal setting and self-exploration far more than to just compete for a medal or trophy.  We really do have a great group of individuals on the team that support each other and work together as one cohesive unit to achieve their goals.   They should all be very proud, as they have represented the community so well on the national stage we look forward to the next event. An event which will be a WAKO tournament which is the Olympic sanctioning body for our sport.”  Master Nathan Skoufis is a 16x World Champion, 5th-degree black belt, Member of Team Canada and has worked with UFC Fighters and Olympians. Master Sophie Skoufis is a Multiple Time World Champion, 5th Degree Black Belt, Member of Team Canada and experienced Sparring Coach and mentor. 

Results were as follows:

Justin Tu– Gold 15-17-year-old advanced boys sparring

Matylda Daza– Gold 35+ years old novice women’s sparring

Rob Pisciuneri– Gold 18-34 years old advanced men’s sparring

Feng Lee– Silver 35+ years old men’s advanced weapons, and Silver 35+ years old men’s advanced kata and Silver 35+ years old men’s advanced sparring

Erin Grant– Silver 18-34 years old women’s advanced kata, Silver 18-34 years old women’s advanced weapons, Gold 18-34 years old advanced women’s sparring

The team will next be in action in Toronto at the WAKO Regional Championships (World Association of Kickboxing Organization) which is the Olympic Sanctioning body. 


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