Guelph Conservative Campaign Kicks off

Merv Kaye, Ashish Sachan and Margaret Kaye
Amita Sachan, Angela Marxhione, Sean Simonian and Ashish Sachan

The campaign kickoff for Ashish Sachan was well attended last night. After the ribbon-cutting, 90-year-old Merv Kaye led the signing of the National Anthem.

Ashish spoke on what it means to be a Canadian citizen, and how his family felt after taking the Oath of Citizenship six years ago, and now running for election to one of the highest offices in his country.

 A cake cutting was held to officially open the campaign.

The best part of the night was Merv Kaye leading the National anthem, with a beautiful singing voice even at 90.

Everyone enjoyed the evening. Members of the Polish, Italian, Hindu, Sikh, and Chinese community came out to support his candidacy.
A young lady with the roses, Ashish Sachan and Craig Chamberlain
Supporters at the event





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