Conservative MP Candidate Dr. Ashish Sachan ~ A True Canadian

Dr. Ashish Sachan Guelph Conservative Party of Canada Federal Candidate

Dr. Ashish Sachan is well-positioned to represent Guelph as a Member of Parliament and is the chosen local candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Dr. Ashish Sachan, his wife Amita Sachan with their children Aryan and Sara

On a national and a local level, Ashish stands out as a candidate representing change. He is one of the first persons belonging to a visible minority to ever run for a local Federal seat in Guelph. He is the first Veterinarian to run in Guelph and the first toxicologist to run as a candidate for Member of Parliament. Given addressing climate change and environmental protection is paramount today and, in the future, this background positions him as a thought leader in finding solutions that protect the economy and provide solutions to adapt not destroy the robust economic resource sectors Canada enjoys.

Dr. Ashish Sachan is an immigrant from New Delhi, India. He and his wife Amita (who is a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology) chose Canada as their home years before calling Guelph their permanent home to raise their family. Ashish was exposed to Canada at an early age through his father who was a scientist of great repute with international exposure. Ashish and his wife Amita applied to emigrate to Canada in 2004 from his hometown of New Delhi, India. In 2013, Ashish and Amita, along with their two children, Sara and Aryan chose Guelph as their permanent home.

It was a long and time-consuming journey to obtain permanent residency and become a Canadian citizen. Ashish persevered through the settlement challenges new immigrants face when they immigrate to Canada. Ashish has always wanted to use his personal experience and perspective to help new immigrants settle smoothly in the city of Guelph. Since 2015, Ashish has been involved with the Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership Leadership Council.

Ashish and Amita chose Guelph due to the University of Guelph, and its internationally renowned research and the small-town community feel. Ashish holds a Bachelor’s in Veterinary Medicine, and a Master’s degree in Veterinary Pharmacology, from the Veterinary College in Bangalore, India.

His Ph.D. in “Toxicology” was earned in 2012 from the Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology from Iowa State University, USA. For his academic excellence, Ashish has been inducted into the Honor Society of Agriculture, Gamma Sigma Delta. While at Iowa State University Ashish served as an Iowa State University Ambassador to advocate and lobby the students’ issues with the legislatures at the Iowa State Capitol.

Today Ashish is Chief Science Officer for Airesun Global, a distinctively Canadian clean technology innovator company that is driving industrial growth in Canada and the World by providing eco-friendly and safer alternatives to petroleum-based products. Ashish is licensed in Toxicology by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO). Apart from his recent book on Food Toxicology he also has significant peer-reviewed publications.

Ashish is a thought leader who will bring a new perspective to governance and pragmatic solutions to the climate issues the world is facing, from both a national and local perspective. He believes that wise oversight, robust investment in science and technology and a strong economy are important to the environmental issues facing our times. “Canada is a nation with endless potential. Canada has to play a global leadership role to tackle the most pressing issues of our times including food safety and environmental protection, he says.

Toxicology is a highly dynamic and broad interdisciplinary science that helps us to understand the harmful effects of chemicals and substances on living organisms and the environment. Toxicology provides the necessary knowledge that is used by government agencies and regulatory agencies to put guidelines and regulatory policies in place to protect and preserve human and animal health and our environment. Ashish’s background and education in toxicological sciences are uniquely suited to the leadership in the Conservative caucus on climate change policy, as a Member of Parliament for Guelph.

The “challenges involved in green issues” must not ignore human ingenuity. Drastic measures touted by opposing platforms ignore the human factor, the threat it poses to the Canadian families whose livelihoods depend upon the oil and gas sector, and the taxes that are putting the Canadian families under duress. Ashish believes that using science and technology for a smart and orderly transition for a cleaner and sustainable planet, and not higher taxes on Canadians, is the most rational and logical approach.

Dr. Ashish Sachan and community members with Hon. Michael Chong at Rockwood Conservation area on July 20th, 2019

Locally Ashish serves as president of the Hindu Society of Guelph. He views these initiatives as a “platform to bring people together” that allows communication between different vibrant communities in Guelph.

Dr. Ashish Sachan in 2017 was presented with the Canada 150 Community Leader Award for his “excellence leadership and making outstanding contributions” to the city of Guelph. The Guelph & District Multicultural Festival recognized Ashish with the Community Champion Award in 2019 for his continued generosity of time and efforts to enrich the Guelph community.

Dr. Ashish Sachan received the Guelph Community Leader Award with Mayor Cam Guthrie.

Dr. Ashish Sachan is a thought leader who can guide us towards climate change readiness. He has demonstrated community values through grassroots participation as a member, and as a leader in our city. He represents all the vibrant communities in Guelph, not only through his professional and academic background yet through his journey as a Canadian.

In no other time in Canadian history have values become a driver in politics, whether it morality, values or your vision of Canada. Who Guelph puts their support behind must resonate our community values.

Dr. Ashish Sachan reflects all that Canada stands for.

On August 9th at 6 p.m. the Guelph Conservatives launch the campaign kickoff of Ashish Sachan, a candidate for the Guelph Federal seat and the journey to this honor started in 2004. This is a free event.

Details: Conservative Campaign Headquarters, Ashish Sachan for Guelph on August 9th, 6 PM to 9 PM. Doors open at 6 PM; ribbon cutting at 6:30 PM. RSVP by August 8th, 2019. Location: Conservative Party of Canada – Ashish Sachan for Guelph Campaign Headquarters 336 Speedvale Ave. West Units J to K, Guelph, ON N1H 7M7. Obtain free tickets or call (519) 763-9693