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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Conservative MP Candidate Dr. Ashish Sachan ~ A True Canadian

Dr. Ashish Sachan is well-positioned to represent Guelph as a Member of Parliament and is the chosen local candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Dr. Ashish Sachan Takes Guelph Conservative Nomination

Breaking: More details to come. Dr. Ashish Sachan won by a large margin at tonight's Guelph PC Nomination for the Federal seat.

Again! – Trudeau Liberals Facing Yet Another #Lavscam Related Investigation

Continued fall out of the SNC-Lavalin scandal for Trudeau's Liberal Party. How can any member of his party stand behind him? No values, no integrity....

Fool’s Carbon Tax Forced on Canadians

Today is the day that the Liberal Fool's Party impose carbon tax on Canadians, a carbon neutral country. With all the deceit, lies and unethical...

Jody Fights for Values: Caught on Tape! Lavagate Continues

The CBC just reported new materials have been submitted to the House of Commons Justice Committee. Evidence given shows that former Attorney...

Budget Stalled by Conservative Motion – Checkmate!

Watch Michelle Rempel live discussing the motion and its impact. Well done!

Breaking: Trudeau Government May have Lost Confidence Vote

Source: "What is happening in the House of Commons today is a failure of democracy. The Liberals probably lost a confidence vote but it was...

Breaking: Longfield Votes Party Line to Continue SNC-Lavalin Cover Up

A motion by the Conservative MP’s to end the Liberal cover up about SNC-Lavalin defeated today in the House of Commons.

Sad Day for Canada

The Trudeau government does not care about ethics, honesty, transparency, or our Justice system. There is no leadership. This is a dictatorship. While Canadians...

Ladies, Rally – Mansplaining the #lavscam Scandal is Just Not 2019

A leader who believes his own lies is pathological and morally corrupt. A leader who bullies, demotes, mansplains, and dismisses strong women...