Canadian Patriotism: Yellow Vest Movement Explained

Published by Permission, Courtesy of Yellow Vests Canada

Source: Mark Friesen 

To all my fellow Canadian patriots.

You may see a yellow vest rally and avoid it. You may laugh when the media makes fun of and shames the yellow vests. You may dismiss the yellowest so as not to be lumped in with the narrative. You may be scared to support the yellow vest for fear of repudiation.

But know this.

If you love your country, you ARE a yellow vest.

If you cherish freedom, you ARE a yellow vest.

If you want to regain, keep, and protect your nation’s sovereignty, you ARE a yellow vest.

If you believe our Canadian Culture of freedom, liberty, equality, respect, responsibility, and tolerance is real and worth protecting, you ARE a yellow vest.

If you are tired and frustrated at establishment governments abusing you and your hard-earned tax dollars, you ARE a yellowest.

If you have had enough of our media, our politicians and our special interest groups dividing us, you ARE a yellow vest.

If you support our energy industry and pipelines, you support our farmers, you support our economy, then you ARE a yellowest.

So, the next time you hear a media personality degrading a yellow vest, they are degrading you.

When you see a news report that claims the yellowest is racist, they are calling you racist.

There are many reasons for not donning a vest and joining the movement, but for those who ignore those reasons, don a yellow vest, voice their concerns loudly and proudly, stand up to the shaming and labeling, they’re not doing it for themselves, they’re doing it for you and for your children and grandchildren. They are doing it in-spite of the hate, in-spite of the labeling, in-spite of the shaming.

These fellow Canadians are doing it for their love of our country.

Their love of freedom.

We are all patriots.

Submitted by Mark Friesen

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