Canadian BBQ Boys Fill A Need for The Avid Griller

Canadians look forward to the first grill of the season. It is a Canadian thing, and a tradition we all have come to enjoy. Imagine this season you opened your grill after our cold Canadian winter, and it was ready to go? This business idea is a simple concept that has turned into a successful business for two University of Guelph alumni.

Business partners Mike Sutton and Matt McCoy of the Canadian BBQ Boys exemplify ground roots entrepreneurship, creating their business model from scratch to fill a need most of us have, yet did not know until Canadian BBQ Boys showcased their idea on Dragon’s Den, obtaining a $50,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in the business from senior Dragon Jim Trevliving.

Matt and Mike started this venture as first year commerce students at the University of Guelph with the mentoring support of both their fathers who themselves are successful in corporate and small business ventures. Unlike other student business start ups like Student Painter’s, Matt and Mike adopted a unique business model not dependent on the franchise structure. They started out knocking on doors, and on the first day secured four sales. This was the first summer break, and fast forward to today they now have a team of twenty people who service territories, servicing their local city.

In their second year in university the pair secured a $8,000 grant and four months of mentorship through Hub Innovator Cbase at the University of Guelph. This mentorship resulted in them adopting a Lean Business Model for their business. The Canadian BBQ Boys have built a business model that is customer centered developed through customer discovery. Through Q and A and their own experience they developed a plan that focused on quality control and training.

Since start their business has been people focused. They are open for expansion and do encourage all applicants even if they are not yet in the region suggested. Territory managers are on contract to service a specific region, and have at their hand the tools, structure, and marketing of head office.

The professional barbecue cleaning services focus on customer enrichment, to increase safety, performance, and longevity of the grill. Their goal is “to reduce barbecue waste by helping people get more years out of their grill and reduce common safety concerns that come from using a messy or damaged barbecue.”, says Matt.

In addition to professional cleaning services, the company offers parts for Weber and Napoleon, and products such as accessories, and covers. The website also features an inquiries section that people can contact them to source products and parts not available online.

The company is currently recruiting territory managers for the 2019 season. Interested applicants are welcome to apply on the corporate website. The Barbecue University opportunity is a challenging summer venture for university and college students to break barriers, mentor with successful owners Matt and Mike to learn new skills in marketing, business planning and execution.







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