Biz Spotlight ~ Fit in Fergus & Elora

Fit in Fergus and Elora has been operating in the beautiful town of Fergus for over a year. Liz and Wayne have over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. Working out of their home studio they are able to deliver superior training and nutritional counselling at an affordable rate. Their focus tends to be on functional training which benefits the entire body and provides strength, flexibility and endurance. They know that these components will help you whether you’re walking the dog, chasing after your kids or dealing with stress at work.

Their services include:

Personal Training

Small Group Training ( 8ppl max. )

Stroller Fitness

Personal or Group Boxing Lessons Teen Summer Bootcamp

They also have the expertise to help you with mobility issues as a result of an accident or just from years of being deconditioned. Give them a call if you’re looking for a safe private workout studio with trainers who are very knowledgeable, offer great rates and will have you smiling even after a tough workout.


(Phone) 416-899-1055.  and 647-608-4551



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