Beauty of Life by Meno Lopes

~ As your consciousness arises,
you will begin to see that there is
a deeper intelligence permeating
through us and through this life.

An intelligence that seeks to
connect and bring all things, all life,
into its fullest beauty.

As you live less and less from your
ego, and instead adopt newer,
healthier ways of “being,”
you will find yourself filled with an
energy of wellness, happiness,
healthiness and joyfulness.

This energy is vital in growing all
the areas of your life.

There are many of us that work hard
each day, not really feeling satisfied
with the work we do, not finding any
fulfillment or any real meaning in
our efforts.

It is up to each one of us to move
ourselves towards a life where we
are actively participating in the kind
of work and activities that raise us
to our highest and deepest calling.

This is your greatest responsibility
to yourself and to the intelligence
within life that made it possible
for you to exist.

Many of us are just going through
life, scratching the surface of who
we really are or could be.

Don’t just go through life,
grow through life.
Be in touch with what is truly
important to you, that deeper calling,
that deeper connection that you
seek to have with everything.

These are the connections that
will enable you to accomplish
almost anything in your life.

When you were born,
you were not born a winner,
nor were you born a loser.
The power that life has given you
is that you were born a chooser ~

~ Meno ~


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