Andrew Scheer’s Platform on Sexual Predators – Tougher Penalties Under Criminal Code

Under a Conservative government, Andrew Scheer will introduce changes to the Criminal Code to end the practice of giving those who harm children a mere slap on the wrist and will ensure the penalties will fit the crime, and that anyone who is convicted of a serious sexual offense against a child serves at least 5 years in prison.

Bob Coole, campaign manager for Guelph Conservative candidate Dr. Ashish Sachan confirmed in a statement to today that a “Conservative government will put the safety of children first and ensure that those who have harmed them will face the full weight of Canada’s justice system. ” 

Bob confirmed that the Conservative Party “will ensure that victims’ voices are heard and that sentences for sexual interference take into account the length and severity of the abuse by adding aggravating factors to the Criminal Code.”

More on this story to come. 


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