Andrew Scheer Vows Tougher Penalties on Sexual Predators


Speaking from the heart of a father of five, Andrew Sheer is committed to introduce legislation that the penalties and sentencing in violent crimes against children fit the crime.

Under a Conservative government, Andrew Scheer will introduce changes to the Criminal Code to end the practice of giving those who harm children a mere slap on the wrist and will ensure the penalties will fit the crime, and that anyone who is convicted of a serious sexual offense against a child serves at least 5 years in prison.

The protection of our vulnerable children will take priority in the Canadian justice system under a Conservative government. Andrew Scheer wants survivors of sexual abuse to be assured that their government acknowledges their anguish and that the people who hurt them will be punished. 

Robert Coole, campaign manager for Guelph Conservative candidate Dr. Ashish Sachan confirmed in a statement to today that a “Conservative government will put the safety of children first and ensure that those who have harmed them will face the full weight of Canada’s justice system. ” 

Robert confirmed that the Conservative Party “will ensure that victims’ voices are heard and that sentences for sexual interference take into account the length and severity of the abuse by adding aggravating factors to the Criminal Code.”. 

Under the Trudeau government, violent offenders get easy justice and at times a slap on the wrist. Incumbent Liberal candidate Lloyd Longfield cast a negative vote on the Conservative opposition motion to send convicted murderer McClintic back to jail from a healing lodge resonated with Guelph. 

This was a national issue that broke the nation’s hearts, much to the inconvenience of the Liberal Party. Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield did not vote on values. He voted party line along with the entire Liberal caucus. The NDP and Green Party coattail parties voted against the motion. 

Trudeau labeled the Conservatives “ambulance chasers” for submitting the motion to send McClintic back to prison. Rather disappointing to degrade the Conservative opposition as such. The Conservative Party demonstrated they have a conscience, and believe in just punishment where the punishment fits the crime.

They showed Canada that the concern for the safety of Canadian families, and children is paramount under a Conservative government. Their motion was defeated, yet resulted in retribution for Tori and the Stafford family by bringing national attention to the healing lodge transfer. They simply did the right thing.

Historically the Conservative Party has been the crusader to introduce and implement legislation to protect the vulnerable and enact just laws regarding detection, monitoring, and sentencing. The Liberals, NDP and Green Party miserably fail.

The Liberals have a long-standing history of opposing legislative changes to protect victims and their families. The Liberal coat-tail parties of the Green’s and NDP have consistently backed opposition to changes. 

The next government has to do more. The protection of children is not a partisan issue. Protecting our children is one of national importance.

“Childhood sexual abuse is . . . an overwhelming, damaging, and humiliating assault on a child’s mind, soul, and body . . . The abuse invades every facet of one’s existence,” says Beverly Engel, author of The Right to Innocence. Stricter penalties, tougher sentences and mandated sentencing will bring the scales of justice back in balance to protect victims of these crimes, and the victims’ families who suffer. 

Canada must have legislation to make Canada a safer place to raise children. Despite Conservative efforts to do this, they have been consistently blocked from ensuring safe streets from the other political parties. 

Justice for victims and their families and increased penalties to offenders of violent heinous crimes against children is a “political football” opposition critics continue to sideline.As the law stands victims of sexual crimes and violent crimes are poorly treated. As the law stands, Canadians are open to the risk that violent criminals are allowed to walk our streets, where we and our neighbors live and work, and on the streets where our children play.

It is time to stop fumbling the ball and get in the game. A touchdown is imminent under Andrew Scheer.

The Conservative Party of Canada is the only team to bet on to pass that goal line. 








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