90 Days Personal Development Challenge

Numerous studies support the fact that there is a direct correlation between goal-setting and success yet few people do this – WHY?!?!

Setting objectives is so important because:

? Identifies what you would like to accomplish
? Helps you focus on what matters most
? Helps you to identify priorities
? Provides you with accountability

It is also important to set yourself up for success ~ productivity studies show that one cannot really focus on more than 5-7 items at a time ~ don’t try to impress yourself!!!

Make your goals ?action oriented and measurable ?attainable and realistic ?time-bound and prioritized.

Visualize the life you want or dream of having and consciously set your intentions and plan to achieve your goals! Here are some tasks to help you:

  • Daily Meditation
  • Identify your dream(s) and goal setting and share it with someone
  • Daily to do lists – break them down into manageable parts
  • Create a Vision Board ~ collage, video, slide show ~ get creative
  • Daily journal ?
  • Move your body every day
  • Eat well
  • Sleep well
  • Turn off your devices intentionally every day ?
  • Get outside

I challenge you to this 90-day personal development! Ask yourself what has been your own experience with goal-setting? What are some of your current goals? For accountability ~ post below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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