3 Tips for Goal Achieving Success ~Tessa Kampen

“When we focus on goals, we may reach them. When we focus on growth, we reach goals every time.” John C Maxwell

You can probably tell that I LOVE teaching others how to achieve goals. Goal setting is something a lot of us do, but goal achieving can sometimes be frustrating, when we don’t achieve them. Setting goals and not achieving them has nothing to do with you not being smart enough or working hard enough. Understanding that goal setting and goal achieving are two different things can help you with that.

“Goal setting is an intellectual process and goal achieving is a lawful process.” Paul Martinelli

When we set goals, we have access to a series of intellectual faculties and these allow us to manifest what we want in life. And achieving goals is governed by laws, and we achieve our goals when they are in alignment with those laws. Once we learn the process of setting and achieving goals under that umbrella, we can actually predict our results every time. To learn more about that, reach out, but in the meantime, here are 3 things that stop us from achieving our goals and what you can do to change your results.

We set goals we know we can achieve.

People companies do this all the time. They look at what they have achieved in the past year, past 6 months, past month and know what they have accomplished and set their goals based on that. There is nothing inspiring about setting goals we know we can achieve and if there is no inspiration, there is no drive to go big. Instead, try setting 3 types of goals and we do this inside the Inspired Academy. Set achievable goals, inspirational goals and outrageous goals. This allows you to set goals that inspire you and ones you would LOVE to achieve.

We set goals based on what we think we can do according to a plan.

We look at what is currently happening around us, the current situations and circumstances and set our goals according to that. What is the housing market like right now? Who do I know that I could talk to about this at this moment? How many clients do I currently have in my data base? All these situations we currently have going for us or against us – we use that to put together this plan for the coming year and then go off and reach for those goals. The problem with this, is that circumstances change but we stick to the plan! We forget that we will meet new people, the conditions around us will change and in 6 months that plan may need to change also. Instead of planning once a year, based on what you see in front of you today, try planning your year in 90-day cycles! This is what we teach inside our 90 Day Focus and it helps us to stick to the goal, but adjust the plan as needed.

We think the purpose of the goal, is to get the goal.

The truth is, the purpose of a goal is not to get anything. The purpose of a goal is to cause you to grow.  It is to cause you to become the person who can have all the things you want in life. To cause you to be aware of your potential. As you reach goals, you get closer to who you were created to be and that means you achieve more than you ever imagined.  Instead of focusing on “getting” that goal, focus on becoming better each day, focus on serving your clients and focus on doing amazing work that impacts the community and world around you.



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