3 Actions to Improve Self Discipline – Tessa Kampen

“Champions don’t become champions in the ring – they are merely recognized there.”

When I was 10, I was on a swim team. I remember my mom bringing me to the pool at 6am in the morning 3 times a week and I was also there 2 nights a week after school. I loved swimming and so I worked hard at it to help lead our team at our swim competitions. I often beat my competition and for a small northern city we brought home a lot of medals for the team. I do my best to bring the same work ethic into my business today, as we know that our daily routine can determine if we become champions in our business as well. And it all comes back to self discipline.

If we want to become leaders who value self discipline, I recommend the following 3 actions taught by my mentor John C Maxwell:

Challenge your excuses

If you find you constantly have reasons for your lack of self-discipline, it may be time to realize that excuses may be holding you back. This is a great time to challenge those if you want to rise to the next level as a leader.

Remove rewards until the job is done

If you lack self discipline, you may find you work on lesser value, instant gratification items first rather than higher value tasks that that bring rewards at a later date. Having a system where you include a reward for a job well done can help motivate you to be disciplined on getting the job done now.

Stay focused on results

When we focus on the difficulty of a task at hand versus the rewards of that hard work, we can easily become discouraged. Instead of self discipline we fall into self pity and begin to do what is convenient instead of paying the price for success. Stay focused on the benefits and rewards and get to it.

The discipline to prioritize and the ability to work toward a stated goal are essential to a leader’s success.

John C Maxwell

If you know what you have to do and you keep yourself busy but are not seeing the results you want from your business – you may be lacking self discipline. I challenge my clients to look over their day and week and see how much time was spent to doing consistent, disciplined activities. How much time was spent on personal growth and how much time on business growth? Did you take time to look after your health and wellness along with your spiritual health? Are your life pillars being met along with your business pillars? If you continue to tell yourself that you will start tomorrow or next week, you may need to dedicate time to working on your self discipline.


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